Increase the quality of your email databases.

Make sure that the emails you send get through to their destination.

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Klemail, How does it work?

Clean your email database in 3 steps

Upload your files

In XLS(X), CSV or TXT format. We only load emails, even if other data is present.

Start treatment

And wait for Klemail to do the check. The check is pretty quick.

Download the result

In CSV or Excel format, with pre-integrated filters to simplify your life!

Stop the bounce, increase your deliverability!

When you send messages to invalid email addresses, you bounce. The more bounces you have, the more your reputation goes down, and the more your messages end up in spam.

Klemail resultat statistiques

A simple and intuitive solution for increase your deliverability

When you send messages to invalid email addresses, you bouncez. The more bounces you have, the more your reputation diminishes, and the more your messages arrive in spam.

Don't take any risk, and check the validity of your email addresses with Klemail. Our tool will help you to spot incorrect emails.

Do you have many invalid emails? We offer a solution allowing you to correct them automatically!

Contact us to try this feature!

Keep your database up to date

Make sure your email addresses belong to someone! Our tool will lower your bounce rate!

Choose quality!

In addition to telling you the validity of the email address, we tell you whether they are disposable or generic emails.

Increase your deliverability

To ensure that your mailings do not end up as spam, it is important to maintain a good reputation with email providers.

Your data is safe

We will never use your email. What's yours, is yours.

The files you upload to our servers are deleted as soon as the emails are uploaded to our database.

Klemail vos données sont en sécurité

When a file check is complete, archive the processing, the file will be deleted 7 days later if you have activated this option.

Why trust us?

Klemail is...

  • + more than 5,000

    Clients of our platform

  • 25%

    On average, non-existent email addresses detected

  • Developed in France

    By a team of passionate people

  • Reactive support

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